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Chris Cutrone is a college educator, writer, and media artist, committed to critical thinking and artistic practice and the politics of social emancipation. ( . . . )

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May 2024

Chris Cutrone with Nicholas Kiersey on The Death of the Millennial Left and Marxism and Politics

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(Video starts at 7:29:00)

Chris Cutrone discussed his books The Death of the Millennial Left and Marxism and Politics with Nicholas Kiersey in the Department of Political Science at the University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley. 

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Chris Cutrone with Doug Lain on Finkelstein Vs. Destiny debate on Israel-Palestine

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Chris Cutrone discusses the Norman Finkelstein vs 윈도우10 평가판. Destiny debate on the Lex Fridman show. How did the framing of this debate accept the very conditions that need to be overcome as immutable and permanent Download the faculty-related textbook. How might socialists work to overcome these conditions? Chris Cutrone continues to discuss the Finkelstein debate, but we move on to discuss Frederic Jameson, the meaning of Academic Marxism, and what it is to be “pre-canceled” on the Left as a Marxist Win 10.

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Chris Cutrone with Doug Lain on Davos, freedom, socialism and the state

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Chris Cutrone discusses the rational kernel in Javier Milei’s recent speech at Davos and explains how socialists should take up capitalism in order to transform it Download the poker card image. Chris and Doug discuss how to understand the legal system and the problem of mob rule. How do we know what we know?

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Chris Cutrone with Aufhebunga Bunga on The Death of the Millennial Left

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Chris Cutrone of Platypus joins Aufhebunga Bunga, Philip Cunliffe, George Hoare, and Alex Hochuli, to talk about his collection of essays, The Death of the Millennial Left Download the Mame32 game. We discuss: Why define it as the “Millennial” Left? Was the anti-Stalinism of leaderless protests a good thing? Did the talk of “winning” from 2015 onwards represent maturity download mc square? Should the turn to a more public, statist capitalism make us more optimistic? How will the ‘lawfare’ used against Trump play out?

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