Neoliberalism and Marxism

After the Revolution VII

Chris Cutrone

After the Revolution – Part VII from Rebuild Foundation on Vimeo 트루먼 쇼.

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This TV show After the Revolution is part of the Méthode Room Residency, a project curated by Guillaume Désanges in partnership with the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, the Institut Français and the Rebuild Foundation Download sandbox mode.
This Seventh part of the show is composed of:
– Presentation of the exhibition “Georges Bataille, Architecture, Chicago and World Order: an Essay on General Economy” Download Hawaiian recipes. Part 4/9
– Discussion with Chris Cutrone, aka “The Last Marxist”. The disappearance of entire structures of worker’s organisations, the ideological dialogue between Marxism and Neoliberalism, the fear of political organisation and engaging in debate on the part of leftist intellectuals or the absence of a “plan” as an alternative to the current state of affairs are amongst the numerous topics that are discussed here Download the water lily bug plate.

One Response to “Neoliberalism and Marxism”

  1. Daws says:

    Napoleonic wars overplayed?

    don’t you understate the durability of Friedman’s program – and the tax revolt that propelled it? Clinton’s welfare reforms, school choice, R control of statehouses, right to work in the US, Schroeder-type labor market reforms in N. Europe seem heavily Friedmanite. management of the business cycle via Fed amid fiscal shrinkage

    his program, as u say, is a right-wing program, so it has no need of panic-tempo. it’s marching thru many institutions

    I think winning Northern Europe, the anglosphere and China while losing in Latin Europe and Latin America is an ok record, just a few decades out